Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dirty Dikestar - The 24hr QUACKPIG Rufflin Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Dirty Dike and TwoMany Steps Entertainment bring to you a FREE mixtape.
Its 30 minutes of pre album warm-up joy.
All production is by TwoMany Steps and is sounding crisp. There are features form Longusto, jamm baxter, Mr.Key, Fliptrix, and more. THIS IS A WARM UP MIXTAPE FOR THE NEXT DIRTY DIKE ALBUM! IT'S FREE BECAUSE ITS YOUR LUCKY DAAAAAAY!!!!!
The next Dirty Dike album "Constant Dikestar" will be dropping in the early months of this year where you'll here smb crew's answer to a DOPE HIP HOP PRODUCER, "MR.CONSTANT" in full force as he has produces the entire thing. This is looking to be a nice little package too with features from all your favorite goons, Jamm Baxter, Ronnie Bosh, Mr.Key, Ed ScissorTongue, plus Stig Of The Dump, Three Amigos, and Slang immaculate.
This will be released on School Bully Records and available from us them or
Stay tuned scumbags.

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  1. I'm that old I was probably listening to Hip Hop before You were born. When it comes to English Hip Hop I tend to think its got as much flow as a blocked sewer pipe. And why do all these spotty little herberts want to fuck each others mothers so much. Give them counselling not a record deal. That said I watched your "Hi I'm James " video on Youtube and its the best thing I've seen and heard to come out of England in years. Crazily catchy, unpretentious and for want of a better word. . . Real ! I wish You all the best for the future mate.